Food Policy Priorities for 2019

Help the new York Region Food Council identify what food policies and programs to focus on in 2019.
Your input will will help shape our priorities.

Take this short survey and ask people in your networks to do the same.  
The survey will close on Friday March 29.

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Q2: In your opinion, which food policy issues should the Food Council address? Check all that apply.
 Specific to food access, please rate each of the following food access issues with #1 being very important and #5 being not  important:
 1 2 3 4 5 
 Availability of healthy food in workplaces     
 Availability of healthy food in recreation/community centres     
 Food deserts (neighbourhoods lacking grocery stores, farmer's markets and healthier food providers)      
 Food Swamps (neighbourhoods where unhealthy eating options far outnumber healthier options)     
 School food programs (e.g. breakfast)     
 Specific to farming, please rate each of the following farming issues with #1 being very important and #5 being not important:
 1  2 3 4                                       5     
 Farmland preservation     
 Financing for farming operations     
 Foraged and freshwater foods      
 Soil and water conservation     
 Sustainable farming practices     
 Urban farming and gardening     
 Local food and agriculture initiatives     
 Increasing local production of vegetables, fruits and livestock     
 Local food processing/distribution infrastructure     
 Indigenous land rights     
 Promoting agriculture and food processing as good jobs and careers     
Q6: I would be interested in advocating for food policy if (check all that apply):

Thank you for your input.  We appreciate your feedback.  

To thank you for your time, you can enter your name into a draw for a cookbook when you click submit.  
Your response to this survey will be not connected to the draw.    

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